[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Yoga Stretch Practice With Blocks

Yoga stretch practice with blocks

Try this relaxing and rejuvenating yoga stretch practice to stretch and massage away holiday stress and tension! Ready to stretch away tension, stiffness, and all that holiday stress? This 30-minute block-assisted yoga stretch practice will stretch and release your entire body – it’s like a yoga block massage! You will learn many different ways to […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Eight-Limbed Or Caterpillar Pose (Beginner)

Caterpillar Pose or Eight-Limbed Pose yoga tutorial

Build upper body strength and stretch the spine and neck with this version of Caterpillar Pose – also known as Eight-Limbed Pose. Caterpillar Pose (Ashtangasana) – also known as Eight-Limbed Pose, Knees-Chest-Chin Pose, or Ashtanga Namaskar – is a beginner-level yoga pose that helps to stretch the neck and realign the spine, and also builds […]

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[Weekly Workout] Therapeutic Yoga Practice for Hips & Sacrum

Therapeutic yoga practice video for hip pain

Relieve hip and back pain naturally with this therapeutic yoga practice… As we discussed on Monday, yoga is becoming recognized as a legitimate therapeutic treatment for a wide range of diseases and disorders. Yoga can be beneficial for everything from mental issues such as anxiety and depression, to rehabilitation from injury or chronic pain conditions. […]

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